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Our research

Discover the research taking place at the school

We combine outstanding labs and resources, world-renowned researchers and the flexibility and support required for exciting and innovative research.

We have a dynamic community of scholars across architectural theory and history, architectural sciences, urbanism and design, with internationally renowned resources in our labs such as the IEQ Lab, Urban Housing Lab, and Design Lab.

Our research connects to a number of multidisciplinary initiatives, including the Sydney Environment Institute, Charles Perkins Centre, China Studies Centre, and the Policy Lab.

Our global view is supported by our internationally recognised academics and our associations with world-renowned institutions, such as the Bartlett UCL, TU Munich, Tsinghua University and Tongi University.

In addition, the school has an active events and alumni program that sees visiting scholars and architects speaking in lectures, symposiums and debates, while our Tin Sheds Gallery provides a calendar of stimulating, provocative exhibitions to advance our research.

Increasingly we work with partners to resolve complex problems. Whether reaching out across the University of Sydney’s depth of scholarship, other universities in Australia and internationally, or working with industry, government agencies and the community, we are energised by these collaborations and look forward to engaging with the brightest minds to uncover solutions that benefit people worldwide.

Many of the world’s greatest challenges are found in cities. The school’s research identifies solutions to transform our urban environments.
Professor Robyn Dowling, Dean
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